Secret of Gay Celebrities

Why Celebrities Conceal Their Gay Side

The life of a celeb is one that is full of ups and downs, and much like the old saying goes these people will also have a price to pay for the popularity they enjoy. Celebrities realize that their lives are constantly going to get under a microscope. A celeb’s every action is always going to be observed and it will make some headlines at some stage. Can you imagine what it must be like for a star to emerge openly to be homosexual? How you that impact your life if you were in their shoes?

The Reason Why They Won’t Come Out

Many stars have come outside of the closet and told the globe which they are homosexual. This list contains the likes of Ricky Martin, Ellen Degeneres, & most recently Wentworth Miller from TELEVISION’s Prison Break has also come out as being homosexual. For the casual fans, stars are like gods who enjoy all of life’s luxuries. They believe they have everything and are living simple. What these fanatics fail to recognize is these celebs actually must fight together with the very fact that their private lives aren’t any longer as protected as they used to be.

One reason most celebrities do not want to come out as homosexual is to avoid controversy. In case you are a famous star then your every activity will probably be observed closely. Is Macklemore gay?┬áSome celebs even have their photos taken when they head out to get coffee. So just think of each of the buzz you’ll produce once you let them know you are gay.

What It Feels Like for Them

It is difficult whenever you’re confused with your own sexuality and it makes it even harder if you’re a celeb. They don’t need to feel uncomfortable and make their fans feel alienated. It really is sad, but homophobia remains a problem that continues to plague modern society to this very day. Celebrities who have come out as being gay have acquired plenty of help from their supporters and peers alike, nevertheless they also have felt the wrath of homophobes at the same time.


Developing really isn’t a bad thing since it allows you to feel better after. Many celebs that have come out as homosexual are satisfied with themselves and are experiencing life. This is exactly what’s important since your happiness should not be hindered by your sexuality.

All homosexual celebrities deserve to be happy and ought to be applauded for having the nerve to come out. Whether there are still some celebrities out there who are too timid or extremely reluctant to accept their sexual orientation, then let them be. They’re just like us and they also need their space and respect. Celeb Gossip